Our philosophy

Appie was born out of a crazy idea: rediscover cider!

It’s a fresh look on an underrated product.

It’s the story of how 5 passionate old friends got together.

It’s the elaboration of innovative cider recipes, imagined by passionate people who got tired of not finding ciders that suit them.

It’s a new freshness, a move away from the classic trio made of galette, crêpe and a bowl of cider. The idea is to democratise drinks that are made of contemporary blends, while respecting French traditional know-how.



une femme accoudée à un bar avec sweat gris Appie sur une terrasse
 3 bouteilles de cidre fraîches posées sur une table en bois à l'extérieur au soleil avec un palmier

Our recipes

All Appie recipes are produced and bottled in France, with apples and pears picked from French orchards, usually located in Normandy and Oise regions, and always near our cidery!

Our recipes are 100% pure juice: exclusively made from pressed fruits, with no added sugar, no concentrate or colorants. We value the respect of our products, and traditional know-how.

At Appie, we strive to make the best cider, and keep it natural!

With 6 original recipes, our ciders and perries will conquer your taste buds. You will be seduced by their fresh and fruity taste, thin bubbles and colourful robes.

The production

Our recipes are the result of a close collaboration with our master blender.

First step, blending in the vat different kinds of apples and pears, each selected to reach the perfect balance. Apples are carefully chosen from the main cider apple varieties: soft, bitter-soft, bitter and sour. This selection is a determining factor.

Then comes the cidrification, paving the way for the expression of the organoleptic characteristics we look for in our ciders.

Our recipes are unique, they are the fruit of our creation – you won’t find them anywhere else.

We also attach great importance to the producers we work with. Located in Normandy and Oise regions, they are trustworthy partners who produce cider with utmost respect for the French traditional cider making know-how.


des bouteilles de cidre dans un carton en vu du dessus
des bouteilles de cidre en gros plan couchées et alignées sur un fond vert

Introducing Appie !


We make you discover behind the scenes of our cider house but also our Appie spirit!